Sodium fluoride

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Sodium fluoride is a colorless solid. Fluoride ions can be derived from the product as they are used in various kinds of applications. Sodium fluoride is less expensive than potassium fluoride. The substance is toxic by nature and it should not be inhaled or ingested into the body in any way. It can affect the heart and circulatory system in a serious way if it is administered in high doses.


Sodium fluoride is used as a medication so that oral cavities can be prevented. It can offer stiff resistance to acid and bacteria. For this purpose, Sodium fluoride is used in various kinds of dental care products. However, infants less than 6 years of age should not go for Sodium fluoride. If the fluoride supply of water is more than 0.6 parts per million, you should not use products which come with Sodium fluoride.

Sodium fluoride

For best results

As a medication, it can be taken orally and once in a month. The dosage should be as directed by your dentist. The doctor will fix the dosage based on the quality of water supply and your age. When you are using the liquid form of medicine, you should use a medicine dropper so that it is measured accurately.

In order to get best results from the medication, it should not be swallowed. If it is to be chewed, you should chew so that the medicine will touch the inner lining of the teeth as well. After taking the medicine, you are advised not to rinse immediately. Tea or coffee should not be taken until 30 minutes so that it will be affected on your teeth.

When you take other kinds of medications which do contain calcium, aluminum or magnesium, you should exercise restraint. You should wait at least for one hour before or after the food so that the medicine will be effective.

Sodium fluoride side effects

In some people, the intake of Sodium fluoride will lead to stomach upset. If you are suffering from similar kind of issues, you should discontinue the intake of the medicine and should consult the doctor immediately.

If there is too much of fluoride on teeth, the teeth will become stained. The doctor might suggest the medication when the weight of side effects is less than the benefits that you will get by using the product.

If there is any serious allergic reaction after taking the medicine, you should consult the physician immediately. Some other prominent symptoms include giddiness, rash, thrashing, swelling and breathing difficulty.


Before taking the medicine, you should inform the allergic reactions (if any) to this medicine. The past disease history should be shared with the doctor. Pregnant ladies and lactating mothers should abstain from the medicine. If the dosage is exceeded, the emergency room should be contacted even through there are no side effects. The interactions of the medicine with other medications will be observed by your doctor. Before beginning the consumption or stopping the consumption, you should consult the doctor.

Sodium Fluoride –a quick summary

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If you wish to have strong teeth and a glistening smile which make you pleasant to be near, the use of sodium fluoride is in order.  It stops the onset of cavities and if your dental problems and decay are being faced by bacterial germs and acid, sodium fluoride oral will solve this problem pronto. If you have a baby who is under six months of age then it is best not to use this product for dental benefits. In this content you will come to know more about the details of sodium fluoride. It is used as fluoridating agent for water.

Sodium fluoride 2

Did you know that the toothpaste you use contains sodium fluoride for the prevention of cavities and ultimate dental decay? The sodium fluoride is in essence a compound which is ionic. When dissolved, it gives separate Na+ and F- ions. Like the common sodium chloride, it is crystallized to form a white cubelike substance. Many times people use it for cleaning purposes as well like doing laundry and stuff.

The use of fluoride salts is for strengthening the dental capacity. How is it possible? Fluropatte is a tooth enamel substance of natural occurrence in your system.  There are other things to be considered too in terms of health while using sodium fluoride for your teeth. It is also used in the manufacture of cockroach and rat poison. There are many other uses of it which has been discussed below so read on to know more.

More On Sodium Fluoride

Rimmed steel manufacture is another utilization of sodium fluoride. It is mainly applied as flux and aids in deoxidization increase. If you have diabetic diseases or any problems with your kidneys it is preferable for you to stay away from water which has been treated with sodium fluoride. It is also called NaF which split components have been discussed earlier on in the article. It is used as an agent which is additive in the common water which you find in the tap water as well as the water used for drinking. The use of gums enhancement is also done by it. So as you can see, there are both positive and negative uses of this compound which you can update yourself more by going through the internet websites. Knowing more about these uses, chemical compositions and by products will automatically increase your knowledge. Some more facts about the same are provided below.

Conclusion About Sodium Fluoride

If you skim through the scientific angle there are many intricate details which you would come to know about sodium fluoride. Knowing each and every aspect of it is extremely important. Here the use of sodium fluoride holds a lot of water for you to know more about it. In this article just the use of toothpaste and water has been discussed in detailed. There are more scientific details to sodium fluoride so log onto the internet websites to know more about them and apply in your daily life.